Give Me Your Internet Marketing Services For Free!

Last evening, I had the good fortune of having dinner with my sister who is visiting from California. Over sushi we talked about how grateful we each are for our businesses. Lorraine is a fine artist who has built a very successful business over a number of years.

I told Lorraine I feel so blessed to make a great living by way of the Internet; yet there is a downside that is not often talked about; people who want “just a minute of your time” but “I have no money to pay you”.

Ironically, Lorraine goes through the same thing with people who simply want a bit of design advice. It’s amazing that although we are in two completely different industries, there is a common thread.

Recently, I had a conversation with a lawyer who has the “I just need a minute of your time to ask you a question” experience when she goes to social gatherings. Inevitably, someone will corner her and say, “I just have this one question.”

Years ago, as a new lawyer, this was tough on her. She didn’t want to be rude, but she didn’t want to spend her off time consulting and advising with people who had no intention of hiring her. It didn’t take her long to decide to either avoid social gatherings all together or learn how to say no.

Years later, she has no problem letting someone know that when she is not in her office this is her personal time. She hands them a card and invites them to make an appointment. Some actually push the issue and say, “If I drop by your office can you give me five minutes to answer a few questions?” Again, for free.

The fact is, there are people who assume because you have a successful business, it is okay for them to ask for your services for free. Wow!

And, the more visible you become in your market, the more you will have people who assume you have an extra few minutes to address their questions – for free.

If you don’t learn how to handle this from the start, it can easily get out of control. You can end up spending more time addressing the concerns of people who have no intention of paying you to the detriment of those who do.

Think about how much time this could take in your day and how much in free services you could end up giving away. Not that you shouldn’t occasionally offer your services for free, but it’s nice when YOU decide when and how this will be done, rather than being cornered into doing so.

Growing a business takes time, focus and the willingness not to give your services away. For those who want to grow an online business, your challenge can come by way of emails people send with, “Just this one question.”

The solution? Information products. That’s right. When you have a variety of information products that address various challenges, rather than giving your information away, you can direct people to a sales page.

Should you ever give information away? Absolutely! I do it all the time as do all of my colleagues who make a great living on the Internet. Over the years I have given away more than most people could ever imagine. However, there is a point where free must turn into fee.

Internet Marketing Services

As a business owner in this modern technological age, you are no doubt well aware of the importance of establishing a conspicuous online presence via the World Wide Web. And, savvy as you are, you also know that simply having a website is only a small part of it all. People need to know that you are out there in cyberspace, ready and willing to sell them some product and/or service that they never even realized they couldn’t live without! In order to be successful and get your “brand” out there and noticed, you need to market yourself effectively, or enlist the help of someone that can do it for. This is where internet marketing services can come in ever so handy. There are numerous organizations out there geared specifically towards promoting websites just like yours in an effort to increase its visibility and draw in more of those target-audience consumers. And after all, isn’t that your bottom line?

Companies that offer Internet marketing services work hard to get the word out about you, your site, and all that you have to offer. They do this via the use of strategic tactics that include things like Search Engine Optimization, article and social media marketing, e-mail advertising, and web-linking. If your venture is small, these may well be things that you can do yourself (assuming you know how), but as your business grows, so will your priorities, and you will find that it is a lot to handle on your own. You should consider the benefits that an effective, reliable website promotion company can present to you, but make sure to do your research before enlisting the services of an organization that provides internet marketing services:

• Firstly, how does the website of your company of choice rank? Do they use their own strategies? It only makes sense that this would be the case – doesn’t it?
• How does the company operate? Do they offer free consultations? Your business goals may differ greatly from someone else’s – you want to make sure that your particular needs will be assessed and met.
• Subsequent to the above, the company should design a strategy that focuses on your target audience – those groups or individuals that will benefit most from whatever it is you have to offer. It’s certainly not in your best interests to be spending money on “random” marketing.
• Many companies don’t go beyond basic SEO (search engine optimization). You should consider one that covers more bases, as there are indeed many other effective and valuable ways to promote a website.
• Make sure the company you decide to go with operates with integrity. Research their name online and see what you come up with. Unfortunately there are a slew of unethical companies out there that make use of illicit search engine manipulation techniques that can render you an undesirable cyberspace outcast. Avoid such organizations at all costs.
• As you probably know yourself, a good company will almost always offer a legitimate guarantee for products or services rendered. The importance of this one goes virtually without saying!

Well, there you have it. There is certainly no denying that securing yourself a strong, highly visible internet persona is imperative when it comes to successfully promoting and expanding your business. Without a doubt, the international reach of the World Wide Web makes it possible for you to be more successful than you ever thought possible! As with any business, however, it requires a strong work ethic and an effective promotional strategy to garner that success. Unless you are a whiz when it comes to internet marketing methods (and you have the time and the resources) it may be truly advantageous for you to contemplate assistance in this arena. Just be sure to thoroughly check out any potential candidates that you are considering – after all your ultimate goal is to rank high, win traffic, and have people patronize your business, as opposed to your competitions!

Outsourcing Internet Marketing: Why It Will Work for Your Business

In the past, people have often been mistakenly skeptical of outsourcing, sometimes wrongly preferring to keep as many tasks as possible in house. Thankfully, times are changing and it’s really worth considering the many, many positives of outsourcing internet marketing: it could easily send your profits into overdrive while you are left with time to deploy your areas of expertise and work on the elements of the business you enjoy.

First of all, a major reason why you should consider outsourcing internet marketing services is profit! An experienced internet marketing provider will know every trick to make money for your business using the power of the internet. There is incredible potential out there to increase traffic to your website, multiply sales exponentially, and make you a whole load more profit. You may have some skills or ideas in this area yourself, but outsourced internet marketing puts you in the hands of professionals, the people who have harnessed the power of the internet to make colossal profits for other businesses, and they’re willing to help do the same for you. Internet marketing services are also incredibly competitive in terms of cost, since there are people all over the world with the skills to assist your business, so there is almost always a provider within your budget, and some even more amazing people if your budget stretches that bit further. Just look at sites such as, or O Desk to see how many people there are out there to lend a hand.

When considering the pros and cons of internet marketing outsourcing, remember that you are talking about an enormous area of expertise and that there is a great deal to be learned in order to use the internet to its potential. If, instead of outsourcing, you and your team were to take it on, there would be many skills to be learned. Think social media marketing, search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, e-mail marketing, PPC advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, article marketing, blog marketing… where do you start? Why spend an immense amount of time learning the trade, when there are already experts out there willing to take on your outsourced internet marketing and ready to explode your profits.

Even if you were to learn the skills, do you or your team have the time to be writing articles and blogs, creating videos or many of the other tasks necessary for effective website promotion. By outsourcing to an expert, they’ll know every trick to make money for your business; they’ll also do it quickly and effectively and within your budget. Think about where your time is best spent, and that of your team. How can each member of your team make the most money for you in one morning? If the answer is not ‘by completing internet marketing tasks’, then outsourcing is the way forward for you.

A final factor to consider is enjoyment. Everybody needs to relish their work, to feel challenged and fulfilled in order to achieve their potential, and thus maximise productivity and profit. It is worth remembering that internet marketing tasks can sometimes be mundane, and very often will not be where your passion lies. Your business will be more successful if it has satisfied people behind it, so outsource internet marketing to those who do enjoy it.

Increased profit, greater expertise, more time for you to work on the elements of the business you enjoy- just some of the reasons that outsourcing internet marketing services is the probably the best path for your business.