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Internet Marketing Services Gives Inside Information to Rank High on Google For Free

Internet marketing services have many elements consisting of over 100 points to be judged on against other websites on the internet to reach top 10 on Google. Some points are more important than others and for the purpose of this information, I will zoom in on the most important.

Can anyone reach top 10 on Google with some logical work applied via internet marketing services principles to the important aspects? Yes. Can this happen overnight? Yes. Does it usually happen overnight? No and Yes.

New websites are generally in what is commonly known as Google’s sandbox which when viewed by Google’s toolbar, states the website ‘has not been ranked by Google yet’. Don’t assume when you see this that this is a new website as websites which are banned by Google also read this way.

A lot of websites when new, without the proper attention given or work done, experience the sandbox effect for a long time and could even be for as long as a year or more. However, with good quality optimization as part of the internet marketing services planning for a Website and a tiny bit of work, this can be overcome.

Due to the popularity, at this writing, a warning should be given to website owners who have websites made up of only flash and no content except as showing within the flash as Googlebot, Google’s spider cannot read your website. Use flash sparingly to help Google and be able to compete in the internet world.

The first thing necessary to all websites both during it’s creation and before marketing it, is to choose the right keywords. The right keywords first of all describe exactly what the website consists of in content.

The keywords are most easily selected by using research and a must in your internet marketing plans. Using either WordTracker and/or the Google tool for such, enter in the shortest word or two words that describe the website. To get top 10 on Google, it is much easier to choose keywords that are long tail meaning more than one word.

A long tail keyword is a string of words that describe the website and has visitor traffic monthly. It is much harder to have one single word as your main or only target keyword because generally the competition is so great you may never reach top 10 in Google. Instead choose 3 to 9 long tailed keywords as your targets.

I have found with testing and trials that longtailed keywords that have a string of more than 3 or 4 words are also harder to use as the search engines will read them in various ways and not necessarily the way you want them to within your internet marketing services.

In selecting keywords, competition and traffic besides relationship to the website content are major issues. If you choose a keyword with 500,000 monthly traffic, you can assume the competition is generally great and also harder to obtain top 10 Google Ranking.

First obtain a selection of keywords with their monthly traffic generally from about 5,000 visitors monthly up to 30,000 monthly. When you choose keywords, you want to have various traffic amounts as it is, as a rule of thumb, easier to take over top 10 on Google with the lesser traffic keywords but you also want a couple with a bit higher traffic so you can start building them for the future.

Researching competition is done by going to the Google search and enter in the following information; Pages: “keyword” The number shown on top is the number of websites actually optimized for this keyword. When this number is smaller than the monthly traffic, you have located a keyword that is easy to reach top 10 on Google with. You want to know exactly how many websites are actually optimized specifically for your keyword. These are your direct competitors. The top website for this keyword, however, will be located by just entering in the keyword in the Google search in the normal way.

Once you have your keyword list, place them in the order of importance to you giving the first keyword position to the easiest keyword to reach top 10 on Google for. Do that for each one and work with them in this order.

First make your meta tags which is the information that search engines display about your website on the internet and also the words the search engine spider will use as part of your keywords plus count them as most important to you.

Your meta tags have character limitations because search engines have a limited amount of characters they can display about your site. You can exceed these characters but they will not show when visitors search for your site. At this time the maximum characters for titles are 60 characters, descriptions are 150 characters, and keywords are 874 characters.

When creating your meta tags, the first word for your title, description and actually even the content on your front page needs to be your #1 keyword from your list. It is easiest to work on one keyword at a time to ensure it is shown enough times and in the right places.

Once meta tags have a keyword, then the content on the page needs to have the keyword assume strategic placements. It is a good practice to have a keyword appear minimally once in every paragraph due to density needs for competition. A paragraph should be 3 or 4 sentences in length.

Computing density is a simple process, however, there are websites on the internet which offer a free tool for your computations. You only enter the URL for the website and the necessary keywords. The computing website will give you the density for that keyword. This is an invaluable tool to use for competition purposes within your internet marketing services research.

Should you choose to compute your own density for your website, it is fairly simple but time consuming. You would count all the words on your website viewable by a search engine spider which includes your meta tags, your anchor tags and your image alt tags. Densities are expressed in percentages so that if a keyword is shown 2 times per every 100 total words, the density is then 2%.

To compete with the website that appears as the top website in the natural placement of websites on search engines, you need to have a greater keyword density than your competition. A word of caution. If your keyword appears too many times, a search engine spider may also view this as spamming the search engine and you could become banned or penalized for doing so.

When writing meta tags, try to use only your target keywords in these as search engines cannot differentiate between your actual keyword and the un-necessary words such as; the, in, as, if, at, or, that, there, etc. You really don’t want the search engines to view the word ‘the’ as a keyword for your site and they do so. Writing for a search engine spider is not the same as writing for visitors. If you want a lot of visitors and top 10 on Google, you learn to write more for the search engine mechanical spiders.

Once your first keyword has it’s placements on your site, it becomes easier to place your second keyword. If it is possible to do so, place your second keyword exactly right after the first keyword and try to do this without adding more content but tweaking the content sentence structure presentation. Complete all your keyword placements in this manner.

You also need anchor tags with a few of your keywords in them. It is best to take the top two or three of your keywords for this and concentrate on them. Anchor tags are words that are clickable on your website to another page on your website or another website. Since it is easiest to control a page on your website, it is easiest to create a clickable link using your top keyword to a page that you create for this. Your optimization principles control your internet marketing services strategies.

When creating another page, it helps if you can name the page the same as the keyword. Then optimize that page as you have done for your index/home page for this keyword and the top few keywords most important to you. There are many websites which function based on softwares. By creating a basic HTML page which is not a part of the software and creating a hyperlink to it from your front page, you can actually leverage your density for this keyword and importance even though your software stops you from doing so. Make sure you market this exact page with it’s own meta tags to obtain some quality backlinks for it.

Once you have done the above, you use your meta tags as the basis for marketing and submit your site to a few high ranking link directories and to the free services available on the internet for search engine submissions. Your website will be removed from the sandbox with these principles and you will be top 10 on Google for your website. You need more backlinks to be top 10 on Google for your keywords but that will come with visitor traffic and backlinks but your basics are now done to reach those positions. See you at the top 10 on Google.

Newpaper Sales Are Declining – Is it Time to Shift Your Advertising Dollars to Internet Marketing?

Nearly half of internet users believe that traditional “newspapers” will disappear as more and more readers turn to the internet as their main source of information and news. Is your business ready for the shift?

Already, we see the trend over the past 3 years where internet users under the age of 65 have made internet news and social media sites the hottest products online. Newspapers continue to see a significant decline in sales month after month. The percentage of loss seems to grow and is now over 10%. Many feel that in a few years newspapers, as we know them, will disappear forever.

As a marketer, I know that saying newpapers will disappear completely, is a bit drastic. What is changing, however, is how the news is being delivered. Bloggers are replacing newspaper columnists and information and news seekers are finding sites that cater to the news they are interested in most.

As a small business owner, you should be taking notice. Unless your target market is over the age of 65, you should be following your target audience’s lead and shifting your focus to where your potential customers are going to search for information, or start blogging and provide that information for them.

A business owner who keeps up with the times and is flexible enough to make these necessary changes to their marketing strategies is going to reap the benefits by being a pioneer in their field. Give your customers what they want and the sales will naturally follow.

An experienced internet marketing service is up-to-date on all the latest marketing trends. They will be an invaluable source for keeping you current and keeping your marketing strategy in line with the times.

Mortgage And Investment Trends

The Investment Trend

When it comes to investment trends in the real estate industry, there are a lot to consider. Here are a couple of trends to look forward to:

According to recent real estate researches, facilities of financial bustle will change intensely – not just internationally, but also within the local sectors of a country or a big city. In Asia, for instance, its Gross Domestic Product will draw near towards that of Western Europe in the next twenty years. As an effect, investors should perceive an increasing stipulation for customer products as the people in these continents achieve more non-refundable income. As a venturing thought, marketing businesses with a commanding existence in Asia and shipping businesses that have a commanding existence in the sector and have international contacts will prosper more.

Public region behavior will inflate, creating efficiency growth to be most common. An unparalleled maturity of residents throughout the industrialized planet will name for novel heights of effectiveness and ingenuity from the civic regions. The stipulation for well-being and security in retirement will overpower a country’s capacity to hold up these services in dues. Established private regions looms will probably develop into persistence in the terms of communal services in both the structured and the budding nations.

The Mortgage Trend

Having a dwelling that you will call your own is indeed like heaven on earth. To be a homeowner is considered to be the basis of the American visions, their dreams, goals, and their likings, and if one is already prepared to begin looking for a place of his own, he knows that he will have a very huge choice to make. It only means that a buyer must prepare himself or herself as he or she enters the real estate market, and attempt to hang around until trends in mortgage rates are encouraging prior to agreeing to a home loan.

At the time that a buyer has already agreed to a mortgage deal, he will be fixed with that interest rate even if the trends plummets down, except if he has selected a modifiable mortgage rate. Obviously, the buyer will not want to wait forever to hop into the real estate market, due to the fact that whenever the mortgage price trickles down, a lot more people just like the buyer will see a slotted chance to buy their preferred houses and lots. Hence, the provision of obtainable housing depletes, and the sales rates of properties are probable to increase. The dragging part here is that the buyer who agreed with the mortgage deal may end up disbursing more for his property even if he sees that the mortgage rate trends have gone down.

However, if the home availability is tense, then the trend will increase as loaners may have benefit from the circumstances, and people are willing to disburse more just to get their preferred homes. This is commonly referred to as the seller’s market, and mortgage loaners like it very much, due to the fact that they produce their cash on the interest on one’s own housing loan.