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Email Marketing – Is it a Weak Pillar of Internet Marketing?

I personally believe that the emails are most poorly utilized, internet marketing services, and most unrightfully misunderstood too. I know of many people who are very annoyed by this technique of marketing and consider it to be a spam too. But, to tell you the fact, it is not a spam technique rather it can be quite useful both to the receiver and the sender.

But before you begin strategizing your email marketing plan, I thought of telling you a few issues related to the email marketing technique and tell you how it can be resolved and used to provide best results to your internet marketing services.

One drawback of the email marketing plan is that most email service providers classify such mails as spasm and they are delivered in the recipient’s spam folder. In order to ensure that your mails are delivered to their inbox, and that they are read by your users, it is better that you use good email software that should resolve your delivery issue. Return Path is one such software I can suggest.

If you ask for my suggestion, I would say that I like emails that are personalized than those that are centralized. What I mean to say here is, when you are sending a mail to your customer try and speak to them specifically about what their preferences are and what they have been looking for. For instance if you can track what product they purchased from you, you can send them promotional mails on similar or related products or on the upgraded version of the same. Believe me guys this trick works wonders on internet marketing, as the recipients realize that you are keeping track of their activities and that they are important to you.

Another essential thing that can make your emails work is a good blend of creativity, promotions and offers. It is an unusual combination which is hard to achieve, but if done in just the right manner, it can add a lot of promotional value to your email marketing strategy.

So guys, always remember these steps before you use emails for your internet marketing services [].

Internet Marketing Services – Blog Content Syndication

Of all the Internet marketing services, blog content syndication appears to be the most neglected. Many marketers are already very familiar with article marketing. Here is how article marketing works:

1) Write an original and unique article.
2) Make a list of article directories that will accept your content.
3) Submit your article to all the websites on your list.
4) Wait for articles to be approved an indexed.
5) Wait for search engines to index the articles.
6) Receive traffic.

When your articles are indexed by the search engines, you will start receiving traffic from 2 sources. Number one, you will receive traffic from the links that you have included in your articles. You can’t put your links in the article body though. Leave the links in the author resource box. Number two, you will start receiving traffic from the search engines. The traffic from the search engines may not come immediately. But you will start to see a trickle of traffic. As you write and submit more articles, you will start getting more and more traffic.

Blog content syndication is based on the same concept. But you don’t submit your articles to article directories. You submit your content to blogs. These can be public blogs, or privately owned blogs. Both can work. Another difference between article submission, and blog syndication is that you are allowed to include links in your content when you submit your articles to blog. This type of links are also known as in-content links. This is a very effective method of driving traffic. If you use the right blog network, you should be very happy with the results. Some marketers call this article marketing 2.0.

Internet Marketing Services to Use For Your Business

Recent studies have shown that Internet marketing has increased in recent times. The reasons for this increase is attributed to many factors like easy accessibility, improved network connection, better selection opportunity etc. All these have become possible because of effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization:

This holds the key for effectiveness of the Internet marketing services. SEO makes the website friendly both for the search engines and for the visitor. The crawlers make the web more effective and with effective use of keywords and dynamic content, the web can be made more effective to attract the customers. The benefit of such sites will certainly outweigh the PPC fees payable to the service provider.

Importance of Internet marketing:

Advertisements play a major role in any business. In fact, many companies spend huge amounts on advertisements. But, small and medium firms and home based business establishments cannot afford such huge expenditure. It is here that the importance of Internet marketing services is underlined. Internet marketing is quite economical. It has many other advantages as it can be accessed any time the visitor is free. It is quite illustrative and the visitor gets all the information immediately. He can even interact with the advertiser. He can visit the site from any place; not necessarily from his office or home. The only expenditure involved is the amount payable for SEO and the service provider towards PPC. These two payments do not cause a heavy burden on the service provider because they will be within the affordable limit.

How to assess the success:

The success of online marketing can be assessed by the number of visits to the site. In fact, leading service providers have a mechanism to rate the website and to count the number of visits. The advertiser he has to ensure that the visits result in positive response from the prospective buyers. One of the methods to make Internet marketing effective is to prohibit fake visits; as such fake visits could be counterproductive. Genuine visits can be ensured through SEO by using appropriate and effective keywords. Many of the advertisers use Twitter and Facebook as a tool for Internet marketing. This method has produced positive results in respect of some consumer goods. Some of the firms also use press releases and blogs but that may not be as effective in marketing consumer goods.

Present trend:

Many outsourcing companies the world over have switched over to Internet marketing because it is cost effective. They can manage their business with the minimum investment. Effective monitoring of the business is also possible. The results can be assessed accurately. A record of visitors and the enquiries are available online and such records will be of great value for future reference and actions. Direct interaction with the prospective customer is possible. Such direct interaction will result in sales. In view of the above advantages, many firms are now using the Internet. Studies have revealed that Internet marketing will become more popular and one of the most popular marketing tools in the near future.