Internet Marketing for Photographers

Everyone business, whether it is a large corporation or small family owned pizza joint, needs some sort of marketing. Few can thrive solely from word of mouth. This is not to say that a company cannot survive without some form marketing, but few actually do – especially in the competitive generation we live in. An especially competitive market is the arts. Not only are there art students around the world but there are even more self-taught artists competing for work. So how to people that are photographers stay ahead of the game? You got it – internet marketing.

Before you do anything, decide which areas you really want to focus your marketing on. For example, are you a nature photographer? Do you specialize in wedding or portraits? Maybe you want to touch base on many different areas. Narrowing down and putting a description to the type of photographer you are will help decide what keywords will be used to essentially describe your website.

The keywords you use to describe your photography are going to be what your entire internet marketing plan is planned around. The keywords will also be paired with a city, state, or county name if you are marketing to a local crowd. Local internet marketing narrows down your competition and helps you to pull up first for more exact searches. Coming up first for a Raleigh wedding photographer is far more tangible of a goal than coming up first listed as just a wedding photographer. Pulling up first for exact searches is what you want to do. The chances that someone is going to click on your website in an exact search are almost guaranteed, and statistics say that the chances of the consumer coming to the store or calling are in the high 80 percentiles.

These services are great for photographers for more than just generating more bookings. A photographer can sell photos online on their website and literally make money in their sleep. If you sell your photography on your website and market your site, your income and picture sales will certainly increase.

An SEO company can help you from the ground up. They have web designers ready to build your site and get your photography business up and running. Once you have a site up, they can start you on some internet marketing services and set you up with pay per click. An SEO company can be your one stop shop for virtually all your online needs.